Healing is Possible

Don't Settle for Less

     Welcome to Well Aware Integrative Care! We are dedicated to providing trauma-informed mental health therapy and psychiatry services in Eugene and throughout the state of Oregon. There’s just no getting around it: we evolved to avoid pain and have spent most of our lives doing just that. The traumatic things we’ve been through, feelings like sadness and anxiety, judgmental thoughts we have about ourselves, and the challenges we face in our relationships can be overwhelming. We get it. But what if the very act of avoiding these painful realities is serving to keep you stuck and only prolongs your suffering? Isn’t it time to try another approach to bring these frustrating and exhausting patterns to an end? Well Aware Integrative Care believes in the innate ability of every human to heal from the past and to improve their lives.

     Everything you’ve been through, both the good and the bad, has shaped the person you are today. That’s why your feelings and behavior make sense, even if they might not seem to on the surface. Anyone that went through what you went through would probably feel and behave very similarly. Although it can be hard, improving the relationship you have with yourself is the key to help you open up to new possibilities and create the life you want. Do you feel motivated to get down to the root of what’s going on? Are you ready to finally work through the struggles you’ve been dealing with? We want to help.

3 Steps to Healing

Healing Time Couples Counseling Eugene Oregon

1 Face It

Healing can be intimidating and difficult. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts and ignoring it won’t make it go away. But you’ve made it this far on your own which means you’re probably more resilient than you realize. Having someone who cares in your corner cheering you on can make a huge difference.

Healing Path Trauma Counseling Eugene Oregon

2 Do The Work

You don’t have to put it off any longer. We can help you navigate challenging thoughts and feelings by providing a supportive space and guiding you through them with compassion. Our goal is to help you feel safe to explore what’s real and to empower yourself.

Healing Goals Family Counseling Eugene Oregon

3 Take Charge

We will always have difficulties in this life; no one can prevent that. But it is possible to resolve pain from the past, relate to others in new ways, and develop skills to cope more effectively with all that life throws at us. Every accomplishment is meaningful, no matter how small.

What Sets Us Apart

     Research has demonstrated that fallout from the difficulties we face in life becomes stored physically in our bodies in the form of emotions, sensations, and reactions. Traumatic experiences, especially those experienced during childhood, have also been linked to an increase in negative health outcomes. Thankfully, researchers have also discovered that we can heal the survival patterns associated with trauma and modify the neural networks built up around them by dispelling symptoms at their roots with evidence-based interventions including Internal Family SystemsEMDR, and Somatic Experiencing. Our outpatient psychotherapy and psychiatry services are trauma-informed and focused on your recovery and wellbeing.

      In addition to professional training, all of the providers at Well Aware Integrative Care have particpated in extensive personal healing work of their own and understand how to resolve emotional blockages in the brain-body system directly. This is not just a job for us, it’s a life passion because we have seen the power of transformation firsthand. There are plenty of options when it comes to therapy and psychiatry and we encourage you not to settle for ‘good enough.’ We are motivated to share our expertise to help you reach the next level on your healing journeyReach out today and take the first step!